Past BBP events

  1. biocides.png
    22 April 2024

    BBP workshop - Biocide Product Regulation and biosafety: new insights & future perspectives


    One of the requirements of the 'contained use' legislation is the use of validated methods for inactivation of these GMOs and pathogens, the decontamination of work tables, etc. This is where the biocidal products regulation (BPR) comes in. However, for certain applications (e.g. inactivation of parasites, disinfection of water baths to heat up laboratory reagents), there are currently no authorised biocidal products available on the market.  

  2. 20 June 2023

    Commissioning and decommissioning of contained use facilities


    During this workshop you will first get an introduction on the topic ‘commissioning and decommissioning’. In the afternoon there will be plenty of opportunity to share your experiences during our round table discussion. Focus will be on BSL2 facilities.

    To end the day, you will get an insight into the ITM’s history and get a tour at this unique location. 

  3. dualuse.png
    06 October 2022

    BBP-webinar: A deep dive into access benefit sharing and dual use

    During this morning online webinar both fundamentals as implementation of access benefit sharing (ABS) and dual use regulation will be discussed by our speakers:

  4. moving-box.png
    17 February 2022

    Workshop Movement (BBP members only)

    During this workshop the updated BBP Movement Guidance document will be presented:

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    25 November 2021

    BBP online webinar 'Biosafety out of the ordinary’

    During this morning online webinar different “out of the ordinary” biosafety topics will be discussed, including working with Algae (by Pascale Van Rooij, Perseus), the arthropod containment level (by Marco Brustolin, ITM Antwerp) and bacteriophages (by Katia Pauwels, SBB/Sciensano).

  6. 15644612916_357899da58_w.jpg
    02 September 2021

    BBP online webinar 'BBP behind the scenes: Task Forces and working groups’

    The Sars-CoV2 pandemic made it impossible to organize physical meetings, however BBP never stopped working.

    During this morning webinar we want to give BBP and EBSA members an opportunity to get a “view behind the scenes” of our organization.

  7. meet.png
    30 April 2021

    BBP - BSOH online event: Biological agents: where the biosafety coordinator and the occupational hygienst meet

    In the footsteps of our previous joint meeting in 2017, BSOH and BBP again joined forces to organize an event. This year, we will focus on where and how the occupational hygienist and the biosafety coordinator can collaborate. By means of practical cases, the roles of both functions and the opportunities for collaboration will be highlighted.

  8. mrna2.png
    25 March 2021

    BBP webinar: (Bio)Safety aspects of DNA and RNA vaccines

    Digital symosium, free for all BBP and EBSA members.

  9. 17 October 2019

    BBP workshop on risk assessment (Cancelled)


    A half-day workshop focusing on risk assessment. Not only will you be introduced to the ins and outs of risk assessment, there will also be plenty of opportunity to practice in risk assessment by yourself by means of case studies and an interactive discussion. Also, we will take the opportunity to highlight the recent accomplishments and future plans of the BBP Task Forces and Working Groups. The ideal opportunity to find out what BBP has done and hopes to do for you in the future to support you as a biosafety professional. Moreover, you may be challenged to join in one of the Task Forces or Working Groups yourself!

  10. 05 February 2019

    Symposium on emergency preparedness and response

    Organized by the Belgian Biosafety Professionals (BBP) and the Dutch Association for Biosafety Officers (BVFp)

    Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Working with hazardous biological material or providing the necessary support to have people working safely with the hazardous material is our day-to-day job. For that, we are experienced in assessing the risk of contained use activities, to train our coworkers and to watch over a culture of biosafety.

  11. 09 February 2018

    BBP workshop "The biocide legislation and its impact on contained laboratories, greenhouses and animal facilities"

    Geo-Instituut 200E, Celestijnenlaan 200e – Heverlee (Leuven)

    Are you finding your way in the biocide legislation? Or are you struggling, as many colleagues, with questions like:

    • Can I still use particular products (e.g. Virkon®) and, if so, for how long?
    • If not, what are suitable alternative products?
    • Do we need to change our decontamination procedures?  
    • What are the consequences of the biocide legislation on my organization?

    We hope to offer clarity during the BBP workshop 

  12. 29 September 2017

    BSOH and BBP joint study day on biological agents: Biological risk: how to assess, contain and protect oneself

    FOD WASO Brussel, Zaal Storck