BBP Biosafety Practices Task Force

The practical application of biosafety regulations and biosafety itself in particular is not always straightforward and may sometimes prove to be difficult.

Also the practical consequences of biosafety regulations may not always be immediately clear, requirements can sometimes be interpreted in different ways, and there may be different ways of achieving the same biosafety goal. As a means of filling in voids of interpretation, and as a means of providing practical information on how to perform certain types of activities, BBP is developing 'Biosafety Practices'. These Biosafety Practices serve as a source of information for biosafety professionals on how to fulfill certain biosafety measures. These practices are not intended as 'the' good or best practice but rather as a helpful source of information. Local circumstances and/or specific risk assessments can determine that in certain situations a particular Biosafety Practice is not suitable, used or followed.

The status of work as well as the approved biosafety practices are given in the Members Only section of this site.