BBP membership information

Membership fee

Any EBSA member from Belgium, either individual or part of a corporate membership, can apply to join BBP as an individual member. The EBSA membership fee also covers BBP membership, so there are no extra costs. 

The membership fee for EBSA + BBP (40 EUR) is valid for membership in the current calendar year (January 1 - December 31) and is renewable on January 1st of each following year.

For further information on EBSA membership please see here.

Membership criteria

Candidatures for membership are evaluated by the Steering Team based on the following BBP membership criteria determined by the General BBP Meeting:

  • A valid request as candidate member has been submitted by an individual or corporation.
  • The candidate member is located in Belgium.
  • The candidate member is professionally active in biosafety.
  • The candidate member is not or is not part of an official decision making or executive body (e.g. permit delivering authorities, inspectors, etc.)

For detailed information on membership, please check the internal rules document.

Membership application

To apply for BBP membership, please register online. All applicants will be informed on the handling of their application. Upon endorsement by the Steering Team an invoice will be sent. The membership application will be completed upon payment of that invoice.