The Belgian Biosafety Professionals (BBP) is the Belgian section of EBSA

Please find here the welcome address of Elisabeth Heylen, Chair of the Belgian Biosafety Professionals.

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The Belgian Biosafety Professionals (BBP) provide a forum for biosafety professionals to exchange experience, developments and issues in biosafety practices and regulation in a Belgian context.


  • Promote awareness, knowledge and understanding of biosafety at regional/national Belgian level, thereby contributing to the European context

  • Establish and communicate "Good Practices" with the members

  • Stimulate dialogue and discussion on new biosafety topics

  • Develop and provide biosafety training material and activities

  • Act as "focal point" for the collection of standpoints in relation to the development of regulation and standards on biosafety, biotechnology, transport and related activities

  • Contribute to the practical implementation of regulations and ensure that new standards are science-based and represent "good practices"

  • Represent those active in the field of biosafety and related activities

  • Represent the members' interest on all aspects of biosafety aiming to prevent damage to humans and the environment caused by biological material

Job Opportunities

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