BBP Steering team

steering team

Each year the BBP elects amongst its members 5 people to form the Steering Team.The BBP Steering Team will ensure the practical management of the BBP.

 It will amongst other activities:

  • prepare and supervise the organization of meetings and other activities
  • interact with EBSA
  • be responsible for BBP finances
  • implement the strategic directions that are agreed with the members
  • determine the topics to be handled by the respective Task Forces and appoints the TF leader

BBP Steering team chair

  • Elisabeth Heylen

    Elisabeth Heylen

BBP Steering team members

  • Liesbet De Graef

    Liesbet De Graef

  • Isabelle Magnoli

    Isabelle Magnoli

  • Evi Pockelé

    Evi Pockelé

  • Pascale Van Rooij

    Pascale Van Rooij

participating guests/experts

  • Delphine Beeckman

    Delphine Beeckman

  • Michel Cereghetti

    Michel Cereghetti

  • Margriet Ovaere

  • Mario Vaerewijck