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The European BioSafety Association is there for all persons working in the fields of biosafety and biosecurity in all domains whether it be human, animal or plants.

Welcome to EBSA

Upcoming events

  1. swissbiosafetynetwork.png
    25 August 2022

    16th Applied Biosafety Meeting

    The 16th Applied Biosafety Meeting will take place over two days in Geneva on August 25th/26th 2022.

  2. labdisinfection.png
    20 September 2022

    Chemical disinfectants used in laboratories: efficacy spectrum and regulation of their use

    This online course is aimed at offering recommendations regarding the choice of the disinfectant as a function of the material to be treated. Limits of the use of disinfectants will be described, with emphasis on the development of resistance and thus the need to be (re)validated regularly. The other part of the course will focus on the biocide legislation and the regulation of biocides.

  3. covid-aerosol.png
    08 November 2022

    Managing infectious aerosols in a laboratory setting: Lessons learned from COVID-19

    This online course will describe how aerosols are formed and infect people.   

    The types of equipment to generate and measure aerosols will be described as will a review of information used to inform risk assessments for the generation and spread of aerosols.