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The European BioSafety Association is there for all persons working in the fields of biosafety and biosecurity in all domains whether it be human, animal or plants.

Welcome to EBSA

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    04 March 2021

    EBSA Thursday - WHO LBM4 – Biorisk management beyond risk groups and biosafety levels

    The WHO Laboratory Biosafety Manual (LBM) serves as a de facto global standard that presents best practices and sets trends in biosafety. The recent publication of the fourth edition expands the thorough, evidence-based and transparent assessment of the risks, allowing safety measures to be balanced with the actual risk of working with biological agents on a case-by-case basis. 

    A challenging shift from routines based on levels? An opportunity to allow optimizing risk management, in particular in less resourced envrionments? Join us and discuss with two of the LBM4 contributors, active EBSA members, providing their insights on the (r)evolution this version marks and how biosafety professionals can use it in their daily practice.

  2. mrna2.png
    25 March 2021

    BBP webinar: (Bio)Safety aspects of DNA and RNA vaccines

    Digital symosium, free for all BBP and EBSA members.

  3. absa-event.png
    21 April 2021

    ABSA International’s 1st Biosecurity Virtual Symposium

    The Symposium will consist of papers, presentations, keynotes, posters, valuable networking opportunities, and exhibits.