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  1. Per Staugaard

    Per Staugaard

    Per Staugaard [1952] studied Biochemistry and Chemical engineering at Amsterdam University. He worked as a chemistry teacher on secondary school for some years.  
    Per has been involved in biosafety since he started working at the vaccine production at the Dutch National Institute for Public Health [RIVM] in 1989. As head of bacterial vaccine production he was responsible for erecting a new production building, creating a GMP and BSL-2 compliant production environment. After the transfer of his department to the Foundation for Public Health [SVM] in 1997 he was responsible as well for the training program in the vaccine department as for [bio]safety. With the start of the Dutch vaccine Institute [NVI] in 2002 he focussed on biosafety. From 2011 until mid 2015 he worked at RIVM as senior Biosafety Officer.  

    Since 2003 He has been active as an independent biosafety consultant next to his work for RIVM. He used to be also the Biosafety Officer for some smaller companies and institutions, including pharmaceutical manufacturing, research labs and musea. He has been involved in development of in-house biosafety training for companies and regularly contributes as teacher/ speaker in biosafety courses. He advised on technical items for containment, as killtank systems, laboratory and equipment design. Per is nowadays early retired; He assists younger colleagues in training assignmants an in audits.  

    Per is acknowledged as a Registered Biosafety Professional by the Americanbiosafety Association [ABSA] and is a honorary member of the European Biosafety Association [EBSA].

    Academic Education and Degrees

    • Biochemistry [University of Amsterdam] 1981
    • Chemical engineering [University of Amsterdam] 1985 
  2. Ulrika Allard Bengtsson

    Ulrika Allard Bengtsson

    Academic Education and Degrees

    • MSc Agr, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Uppsala 1993.
    • Speciality: Biotechnology and Animal Sciences

    Present Professional Position

    • Since 1994 Research scientist, department of virology, SVA
    • Head of section of laboratory animal virology, dep of virology, SVA for two years (1998-2000)
    • 2001-2021 Technical manager for laboratory animal virology at department of virology, immunobiology and parasitology (VIP), SVA
    • Since 2004 Biosafety Officer at SVA.

    Special Remarks

    As the Biosafety officer at SVA for primarily the high containment facilities (BSL 3), the main activities are biorisk management activities like education and training, risk assessment, PPE evaluation and decision making, internal and external biorisk audits in both laboratories and animal facilities, facility planning, decontamination and contact person towards national authorities concerning biorisk issues. In charge of the implementation of the ISO 35001 at SVA. Involved in the establishment of the Nordic biosafety network (NBN), 2005, and since then member of the steering committee. Member of the International Veterinary Biosafety Workgroup (IVBW) since 1995. Member of the EuFMD Special committee for biorisk management (SCBRM) since 2018. During the Covid-19 pandemic involved in planning and validation of resources like PPE, consumables etc.


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