About BBP workshop - Biocide Product Regulation and biosafety: new insights & future perspectives

BBP workshop - Biocide Product Regulation and biosafety: new insights & future perspectives

One of the requirements of the 'contained use' legislation is the use of validated methods for inactivation of these GMOs and pathogens, the decontamination of work tables, etc. This is where the biocidal products regulation (BPR) comes in. However, for certain applications (e.g. inactivation of parasites, disinfection of water baths to heat up laboratory reagents), there are currently no authorised biocidal products available on the market.   

This is an in person workshop on Biocides, with 2 sessions (focussing on the actions taken in the Netherlands and the actions taken by Biocides for Europe to make the BPR feasible) and presentation of the results of the EBSA-survey on biocides. We would also like to take the opportunity to hear from our members whether/where there are still issues regarding biocides (focus will be on the Belgian situation). The potential issues will be taken up by the EBSA TF BPR that is working on strategies to come to a more focused / applied use biocides for our activities. In the afternoon, we will roll up our sleeves for a practical spill training.   

 Schedule of the workshop: 

  • 9h30 – Arrival & Registration + Coffee/Tea  
  • 10h-10h30: Session 1 by Paul Odinot (Biosafety  coordinator University Utrecht, EBSA project on Biocides, BVF platform disinfection committee)  
  • 10h30-11h: Session 2 by Boris Van Berlo (Biocides for Europe)  
  • 11-12h: Presentation results of the EBSA biocides survey & round-tabel (discussion of unresolved biocide issues in R&D) by Karen van der Meulen (Senior Bosafety Manager 3Bio, project leader EBSA project on Biocides) & Paul Odinot 
  • 12-13h: lunch  
  • 13-14h30: practical spill training 

We’ll finish around 3 p.m. 


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Registration deadline April 15th