Pre conference course B - Auditing: a comprehensive and practical introduction - Instructors

Pre conference course B - Auditing: a comprehensive and practical introduction

About the speakers

  1. Margot Spreuwenberg

    Margot Spreuwenberg

    In 2012 Margot joined the GMO-inspection team of the Human, Environmental and Transport Inspectorate of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. Since then she inspected many companies and institutions that work with GMO under contained use or in field trials and medical trials.

    Margot started working for the Inspectorate in 1998, where she covered various positions as an inspector in the area of waste management, water management and transportation of dangerous substances in underground pipelines. For this latter task she followed a training course “Auditor” from Det Norske Veritas in 2009, to audit the risk management systems of the chemical companies that owned these pipelines.She started her working career as an environmental inspector for the local government, township Wageningen being one of them. In this capacity she visited many laboratories for licensing and the inspection of design requirements for GMO-work. In those years she also worked as a fire fighter and mountain tour guide, both lifting her risk perception to another level.

    Academic Education and Degrees 

    Margot Spreuwenberg (1967) studied biology at the Wageningen University from 1985 till 1991, with also a special interest in geology and soil science.

  2. Per Staugaard

    Per Staugaard

    Per Staugaard [1952] studied Biochemistry and Chemical engineering at Amsterdam University. He worked as a chemistry teacher on secondary school for some years.  
    Per has been involved in biosafety since he started working at the vaccine production at the Dutch National Institute for Public Health [RIVM] in 1989. As head of bacterial vaccine production he was responsible for erecting a new production building, creating a GMP and BSL-2 compliant production environment. After the transfer of his department to the Foundation for Public Health [SVM] in 1997 he was responsible as well for the training program in the vaccine department as for [bio]safety. With the start of the Dutch vaccine Institute [NVI] in 2002 he focussed on biosafety. From 2011 until mid 2015 he worked at RIVM as senior Biosafety Officer.  

    Since 2003 He has been active as an independent biosafety consultant next to his work for RIVM. He used to be also the Biosafety Officer for some smaller companies and institutions, including pharmaceutical manufacturing, research labs and musea. He has been involved in development of in-house biosafety training for companies and regularly contributes as teacher/ speaker in biosafety courses. He advised on technical items for containment, as killtank systems, laboratory and equipment design. Per is nowadays early retired; He assists younger colleagues in training assignmants an in audits.  

    Per is acknowledged as a Registered Biosafety Professional by the Americanbiosafety Association [ABSA] and is a honorary member of the European Biosafety Association [EBSA].

    Academic Education and Degrees

    • Biochemistry [University of Amsterdam] 1981
    • Chemical engineering [University of Amsterdam] 1985 


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