About Pre conference course F. Introduction to Human Factors in a Laboratory or scientific facility

Pre conference course F. Introduction to Human Factors in a Laboratory or scientific facility


Adam Stevenson and Wendy Shell

Aim: To be aware of human factors and how to take account of such in a laboratory or in vivo containment facility.

Learning Objectives: At the end of this session the attendee will be able to:

  1. Define what human factors are and state the main influences that impact on people.
  2. Identify the issues that impact on human reliability and behaviour
  3. Describe human failings and identify how they contribute to accidents
  4. Explain how human factors contribute to health and safety risk
  5. Identify controls to reduce or mitigate for human failings
  6. Write a procedure to ensure it takes account for human factors
  7. Describe what monitoring arrangements should be in place to prevent harm from human failings
  8. Develop an action plan to implement human factor assessment and mitigations in their own laboratory or science facility

CWA Behavioural factors and control of workers.

CWA 15793:2011 (E) 33 Measures should be set in place to address:
a) human reliability and behavioural safety, including adherence to procedures;
b) communication, consultation and feedback;
d) empowerment, including authority to stop work if potentially unsafe or unsecure conditions are identified;
e) avoidance of ”blame culture”, including willingness to report accidents, incidents or unsafe conditions / behaviours, and protection of workers who do so;
f) ergonomics, including equipment and work practice design to take account of individual need


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