Speakers at Bloodborne pathogens in the lab: minimize exposure & prevent infection

Bloodborne pathogens in the lab: minimize exposure & prevent infection

About the speakers

  1. Dana Sinziana Brehar-Cioflec

    Dana Sinziana Brehar-Cioflec

    Background and education:

    • University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara, Romania, Faculty of General Medicine (1981-1987).
    • 3-years internship (clinical training in infectious diseases, internal medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics-gynecology),
    • 3 years residency in clinical laboratory
    • 1994 - specialist in clinical laboratory (microbiology, haematology, biochemistry)
    • 1996 – Doctor in Medicine - PhD thesis ”Dual HBV-HDV infection in chronic liver diseases”
    • 1999 - consultant in microbiology and the Head of the Microbiology Laboratory in the Department of Epidemiology of the National Institute of Public Health - Regional CentreTimisoaraș

    Main responsibilities:

    • regional coordination of the laboratory surveillance of infectious diseases in 9 districts
    • implementation of the Laboratory Quality Management System
    • public health studies
    • consultance and councelling for district public health laboratories in the region
    • coordination of research projects
    • laboratory investigation of outbreaks
    • training of residents in microbiology and of other laboratory staff

    Affiliation: EBSA, ELDSNet (former EWGLI), SRM (Romanian Society of Microbiology), National Editorial Board "Medicine in Evolution" ISSN 1454-8224.

    As public health microbiologist involved in laboratory surveillance of infectious diseases, biosafety & biosecurity are important topics in which I took an increasing interest during the past 20 years, with constant preoccupation in improving my knowledge and skills in this field. Joining EBSA came as a natural consequence of the above and it has added value to my informed involvement in the broader goal of strengthening the technical capacity of Romanian public health laboratories. Relevant projects in which I have been involved: co-author of the National Biosafety Guide for Medical Laboratories, Co-Director of NATO arw "Biosafety& Biosecurity - Medical Countermeasures against Biological Agents and Weapons", Biosafety Europe training workshop in Timisoara, technical writer in CEN WS 55 - Laboratory biorisk management - Guidelines for the implementation of CWA 15793:2008.

  2. Heather Sheeley

    Heather Sheeley

    Heather Sheeley BA(Hons), MSc, FISTR has more than 40 years of experience in laboratory research and health and safety across government, private and academic environments. Working internationally, she has an interest in sustainable and effective safety solutions to protect employees and communities. Her work in complex and high risk environments using various risk assessment methods and safe solutions. She is a recognised trainer and presenter on topics especially related to biosafety and sustainable laboratory design. She has publications in journals and books and contributed to many international laboratory safety manuals, standards and guidance documents. She is a former President of the European Biosafety Association, former Chair of the Institute of Safety in Technology and Research and Elected Fellow. Projects and activities include work with OIE, WHO and ISO. Currently an independent consultant on biorisk related projects.


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