About Introduction to vaccinology

Introduction to vaccinology

Instructor: Gideon Kersten

The course gives insight in the exciting field of vaccinology. The relevance of vaccines does not need emphasis in these days. But how do they work? What type of vaccines are there and what are their pros and cons? How are they developed and produced? Why does it take a decade or more to develop a vaccine and why was it possible to do it within a year for some recent (Corona) vaccines? What are adjuvants and why are they needed? Also, the concerns about vaccines will be addressed. Why don’t they always work? What about safety and adverse effects?

The course is meant for biosafety professionals. This introduction will increase your understanding of the benefits and risks of vaccines, which may be valuable if vaccines are offered to increase safety in the working environment. A basic understanding of cell biology and microbiology is assumed.

Bullet points

  • What is a vaccine?
  • Brief history → new developments
  • Bio- occupational health strategy and vaccination
  • Efficacy – effects- side [or adverse] effects
  • Available vaccins for workers

Learning outcomes

After this course the participant

  • Has knowledge about the different types of vaccines,
  • Understands how vaccines protect against infectious diseases,
  • Understands how a vaccine can contribute to the biosafety in work environment.

CWA 16335:2011 reference

C Emergency prepredness
C International regulatory framework
C Occupational Health and Biosafety


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