About Pre conference course G. Operations, Maintenance and Management of Containment Level 2/3 Facilities

Pre conference course G. Operations, Maintenance and Management of Containment Level 2/3 Facilities

Trainees may do either Day 1 (Level 2) or both days (Level 2 and 3)


Gilles Tremblay, Chris Kiley, Maria Fink

Bullet points

  • Level/quality of Operations and Maintenance (OM) expectations under guidelines, best practices, lessons learned and how they vary on a regional basis
  • Understanding the different ways (pros and cons) of delivering OM services, where can you “skimp” and where can you not.
  • Why a system/equipment criticality matrix is key in focusing OM dollars and efforts
  • The unique maintenance challenges and examples for different types of equipment, systems that support containment level 2/3 environments.
  • Review some OM cost models from various facilities

Main topics

  1. Understand the concept of containment and its limitations and be able to discuss the most important types of containment, and what are the critical elements (equipment) that support containment.
  2. Understand the basic systems (Containment barriers and elements, HVAC, BAS, etc.), and the commissioning and validation processes that establish baseline operational performance on year 1 of operation and how the right maintenance strategy can maintain operational reliability and performance on year 20 and beyond.
  3. Understand the impact on biosafety and biosecurity when using critical containment elements/equipment and advise on choice, installation, validation, certification, and maintenance.  “Based on the operational model - where should you put your limited operational euros.”
  4. How a robust O&M process can provide operational assurance and documented evidence in implementing a biological waste management plan.

CWA 16335:2011, annex C reference

  • C. Containment principles
  • C. Facility design, construction, commissioning, decommissioning, validation, operation and maintenance
  • C. Selection, validation, certification, and maintenance of equipment
  • C. Biological waste management


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