Speakers at Chemical disinfectants used in laboratories: efficacy spectrum and regulation of their use

Chemical disinfectants used in laboratories: efficacy spectrum and regulation of their use

About the speakers

  1. Maria Fink

    Maria Fink

    Academic Education and Degrees

    • PhD in Genetics University of Vienna/Austria
    • Diploma in Genetics and Microbiology and Biochemistry in minor; University of Vi-enna/Austria

    Present Professional Position

    • Biosafety Director at MSD (only until End of May 2022)

    Special Remarks/Experience

    Trained in Containment Building (ICID & PHAC Winnipeg 2014), Design, construction, and validation of BSL 3 lab, BSL3 vet (incl. FMD) labs and a BSL2 vaccine manufac-turing facility of an international pharmaceutical company, BioRisk Officer of Austrian reference laboratory of emerging infectious animal diseases, Deputy head of depart-ments for high-containment Virology, and Molecular Biology, Experienced with epizo-otic laws and regulations, Research activities in transmission of emerging infectious diseases and in cell biology (signal transduction, mRNA, and WGS techniques), expe-riences in working with different GMOs and GMMOs as well as recombinant proteins. Biosafety Officer of a vaccine manufacturing international pharmaceutical company, Experienced in implementation and managing Industrial hygiene issues in manufactur-ing pharmaceutical company, Certified waste manager (accordance to Austrian waste law) of a vaccine manufacturing site, Dangerous good transportation ADR and IATA

  2. Suzanne Loret

    Suzanne Loret

    Academic Education and Degrees:

      • Degree in Biological Sciences (Option: Biochemistry) - UNamur, 1982
      • PhD D Thesis in Sciences (Physiology and Biochemistry) - UNamur, 1990
      • Specialized Diploma in Biosafety Management HEP Rennequin Sualem, in collaboration with the Scientific Institute of Public Health (ISP), 2006
      • IFBA Certification “Biosafety Professional” - July 2016

    Scientific expertise:
    Molecular and Cell Biology (including the use of lentiviral vectors)
    Present Professional Position: Biosafety Officer (since 2005)

    Teaching experience of Biosafety:

    • Annual training of UNamur students and staff
    • Invited instructor for staff training in Biosafety at the Biotech Analis
    • Coordinator and instructor of a 5-days Biosafety course – in French -for professionals at UNamur
      (6 editions: Sept 2014, January 2016, March and December 2017, Sept 2018 and Sept 2019)
    • Invited Instructor at the 5-day international course “Basic Principles of Biosafety” (Ghent - Sept 2015; Antwerp – Sept 2019)
    • Instructor of a 3-days biosafety course at the National University of Rwanda (February 2016)
    • Instructor of a 5-day biosafety course for master students of the St Xavier’s College Kolkata (September 2016)
    • Instructor at the 2019 EBSA pre-conference courses (course M – Disinfection and Disinfectants)

    Involvement in Biosafety associations:

    • Regular member of BBP (Belgian Biosafety Professionals) and EBSA since 2006
    • BBP steering team member for 6 years
    • EBSA council member in 2017 and 2018
    • ETWG member since April 2018


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