About Pre conference course H. Biological Waste handling (validation, technical aspects)  (2 days)

Pre conference course H. Biological Waste handling (validation, technical aspects)  (2 days)


Benjamin Bartram-Sitzius, Mark Wheatley and Maria Fink

Course description

Waste management is a topic of interest to all facilities who manage biological agents, no matter how large or small, private or public; but mostly it is not seen as a very exciting or sexy topic. It can also be one which is often assumed, or taken for granted, and may also lack the needed focus from senior management. During this course we will take a whole life cycle view at the management of biological waste from initial identification and segregation of waste streams, through the processing of wastes and finally to the needed verification that it has been suitably decontaminated, disinfected and confidently made safe. As far as possible the course will be interactive and stimulating, it will be guided by the particular experiences and needs of those attending for which a preliminary questionnaire will be circulated a few weeks before and responses used in the final planning stages. 

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the participant knows:

  • Identification and segregation of different waste types
  • Appreciation of rules and regulations across Europe and internationally regarding biological wastes
  • Appreciation of different methods and technologies of biowaste decontamination, disinfection, inactivation and disposal
  • How to process streamlines of wastes to prevent cross contamination
  • How to maintain the validation methods of inactivation programs in autoclaves
  • Appreciation of liquid effluent decontamination techniques and processes and an understanding of the complexities of validation of liquid effluent decontamination

Bullet points

  • Decontamination / disinfection /sterilization in a few words
  • Validation of laboratory solid waste sterilization and waste disposal
  • Liquid waste disinfection: what are the challenges?
  • Liquid waste disinfection: Validation of the method
  • Animal wastes: when biosafety good practices collide with the Animal-by product legislation

CWA 16335:2011, annex C reference

  • C Selection, validation, certification and maintenance of equipment
  • C Facility design, construction, commissioning, validation, operation and maintenance
  • C Biological waste management


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