Speakers at ISO 35001 – An introduction into the biorisk management standard

ISO 35001 – An introduction into the biorisk management standard

About the speakers

  1. Heather Sheeley

    Heather Sheeley

    Full Name: Heather Sheeley

    Working address: Salisbury Wiltshire UK

    Tel: +447727101405

    Email: hsheeley@hotmail.com

    Academic Education and Degrees
    BA Hons Open in Anatomy, physiology, cognitive development and psychology, cell biology and immunology
    Post grad Dip Occupational Health and Safety Management
    MSc Loughborough in Occupational Health and Safety Management

    Present Professional Position
    Independent Consultant

    Special Remarks
    Heather has extensive knowledge and experience in human and animal biosafety implementation. A competent trainer and has taught several pre-conference courses for EBSA over several years including several on risk assessment. She has particular expertise in risk assessment and use of different methodologies. Recent involvement in the new WHO biosafety manual monographs and working with OIE and agricultural institutes on establishing appropriate protective measures.
    Relevant Publications: Sustainable Laboratories, Risk Assessment, 
    Past President EBSA and Honorary Member.

  2. Toon De Kesel

    Toon De Kesel

    Working address:
    Imkerstraat 8
    9880 Sint-Maria-Aalter
    Tel: +32 477 36 99 44
    Email: toon.de.kesel@febrisbiorisk.com

    Present Professional Position

    Biorisk & EHS Expert
    Toon De Kesel is owner and general manager of Febris Biorisk Consult bv, a specialist
    company providing leading consultative services worldwide in the areas of Biosafety and Biosecurity. He founded Febris Biorisk in 2016. He led several WHO GAPIII IPV/OPV Poliovirus projects at various companies, e.g. Janssen Vaccines BV, RIVM, and Bilthoven Biologicals BV (Netherlands), Praha Vaccines as (Czech Republic), GSK Vaccines NV (Belgium).

    Previous experience

    Toon De Kesel was, for more than 13 years (until 2008), Corporate Manager Health, Safety
    and Environment at Innogenetics NV, a Belgian biopharmaceutical company. He was the biosafety officer for both Innogenetics’ R&D and Bio-manufacturing plants (vaccine production facilities). He has relevant experience in dealing with general safety aspects, occupational health and environmental issues, regulatory matters, laboratory and manufacturing
    (biosafety) practices, biocontainment facilities and risk assessment involving biological
    agents (including GMO’s/GMMO’s). He has lots of expertise in technical issues such as risk analysis methodologies, job hazard analysis, work practices, personal protection, disinfection, waste management, emergency procedures, training op personnel, etc. Specific experience in regulatory matters, laboratory and manufacturing practices, high biocontainment
    facilities - (A)BSL-3), all in relation to EHS and Biosafety.
    He then joined, in 2008, DNV Biorisk as Principal Consultant Biorisk, specializing in risk
    assessment associated with biological systems, and in particular studies relating to laboratory biosafety and biosecurity measures. He was performing risk assessment and safety studies, i.e. HAZOP risk assessment of an effluent treatment plant, SWIFT risk assessment of a
    HVAC installation, and organizing and giving biorisk training courses.
    He was appointed from 2009 to 2016 as Biosafety International Compliance Manager for
    Bayer Cropscience NV in Gent and was the Global Head of Biological Material Movement.
    In 2010, he was appointed as the Environmental Safety Manager for the Belgian activities of
    Bayer Cropscience until December 2014.
    He is member of the European Biosafety Association since 1998, and was the EBSA President
    2013-2014. He is Chair of the EBSA CWA Strategy Task Group and was member of the EBSA
    Education and Training Working Group and BTWC/CBRN Task Group. He is a member of the
    ISO/TC 212 Working Group 5 who developed the International Biorisk Management Standard
    ISO 35001:2019.

    He was closely involved in the foundation of Belgian Biosafety Professionals (BBP) in 2005
    and is Past-Chairman of the BBP (2005-2008). He is Council Member of the Flemish Association for Environmental coordinators (VMX) since 2000. He was former Board Member of the
    International Federation of Biosafety Associations (IFBA), 2014-2017.


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