About Disinfection and Sterilization

Disinfection and Sterilization

Instructor: Suzanne Loret

This course is an introduction to the subject. It describes the most commonly used chemical and physical methods, with an emphasis on the important criteria to be assessed in choosing an approach and verifying its effectiveness.


• Select the optimal method of disinfection / decontamination under the situation
• Chemical disinfectants - advantages and disadvantages
• Steam sterilization - how to check its effectiveness?
• Laboratory decontamination by fumigation - how to check its effectiveness?

Learning outcomes:

To be able to select the optimal approach. To be able to quickly inventory the criteria to be evaluated in order to validate the chosen method. To be able to identify the additional training that corresponds to your activity profile.

CWA 15793 Reference
• 7.2.3 - Biological and other hazards in the work area
• 7.2.14 - Biological waste management


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