About EBSA06 Conference - Lyon

EBSA06 Conference - Lyon

“National and Global Disease Outbreaks / Living with Bioterrorism”



Registration 08.00-09.00
President's welcome 09.00-09.10

Overview on Biosafety Management

Introduction and Chair
Dr. Barbara Johnson , President ABSA, Center for Biosecurity Strategy, Science Applications International Corporation, USA

Biosafety Management: University Perspective

Simon Caidan, National Institute for Medical Research, London, UK


Biosafety Management: Industry Perspective

Dr. David Revitt, Research HSE, Novartis Research Centre, Horsham, UK

Discussion 10.20-10.35
Break 10.35-11.00
Session 1:
Biosafety Management - Concurrent Breakout Sessions
Session 1 A:
Chair: Dr. Kerri Mack, DSTL, Porton Down, UK

This session on training will be based on the active participation of the attendees in sharing their experiences of different methods of biosafety training and problems encountered. The participants will be encouraged to think about why some methods are more successful than others, to brainstorm new ideas to take back to their organisations and to recognise common pitfalls.

Session 1 B:
Dealing with a Spillage
Chair: John Newbold, Health and Safety Executive, UKMeeting

Any accidental release of hazardous biological agents requires appropriate action to be taken based on an assessment of the risk. The development of suitable contingency plans can help ensure that the impact on human health or to the environment is minimised. This open forum will explore different types of accidents/spillages, particularly at containment level 3, using examples to help stimulate discussion and provide guidance on practical solutions. Scene setting will be provided by co-ordinators for participants to explore such important topics as: assessment of risk, emergency plans, disinfection/fumigation (when & how), training needs and any legislative requirements.


Session 1 C:
Waste Management - A Biohazards Perspective
Chair: Robert Osborne, University of Glasgow, UKMeeting

This session will adopt a workshop type format, the intention being for participants to make an active contribution, raising issues and seeking problem resolution. To stimulate participation the coordinator will set the scene describing requirements in general terms for a broad spectrum of biohazards and giving his interpretation of how appropriate standards are met. Participants will be encouraged to describe their approaches with discussion directed at determining best-practice and advantages and shortcomings of differing procedures

Lunch 12.30-13.30
General Laboratory Design, Construction and Operation
Chair: Dr. Philippe Stroot, Glaxo SmithKline Biologicals, Belgium

Containment Design Solutions: a User's Perspective
Heather Sheeley, Head of Safety, Centre for Applied Microbiological Research, Porton Down, Salisbury, United Kingdom


Learning Flexible design through experience
The Provider Perspective
Jon Crane, Architect, CUH2A, Atlanta, USA

Designing to be Commissioned Jim Orzechowski, Smith Carter Architects and Engineers, Winnipeg, Canada 14.30-15.00
Break 15.00-15.30
Free Communications
Chair: Dr. Frank Verbeeck, Bristol-Myers Squibb, EBSA President
'In culture' real-time PCR, an efficient tool for monitoring
contaminations in laboratories
Dr. Claudia Bagutti, Kantonales Laboratorium, Biological and Chemical Safety Administration, Basel, Switzerland
Accidents and biological risk in Italian hospitals
Dr. Dimitri Sossai, Director Prevention and Protection Service,
San Martino Hospital, Genova, Italy

"Chris Collins Lecture"

Is our Focus to be more Biosafety or Biosecurity in the Era of Bio-Terrorism?

Dr. Jonathan Richmond, Jonathan Richmond and Ass., Retired Director
Health and Safety, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta

Annual General Meeting, for EBSA Members only 17.00-18.00
Conference Reception and Dinner,
Visit to Lyon by boat and local dinner
Meeting Place: Lobby Novotel Gerland


FRIDAY, 16 MAY 2003

Session 3:
Three Concurrent sessions on Facility Design, Construction and Operations
Session 3A:
Research Animals,
Chair: Dr. Kathrin Bernard,
Institute for Virology and Immunoprophylaxis, Mittelhausern, Switzerland
Principles of containment of veterinary pathogens associatedwith animals
Dr. Philippe Jeannin, DVM, MSc. Director EU Clinical Research and Development, MERIAL
Primary Animal Containment Systems Mr. Simon Parks, CAMR, Porton Down, UK 09.30-10.00
Animal Biosafety Level 3 Management
Dr. Christian Griot,
Institute for Virology and Immunoprophylaxis, Mittelhausern, Switzerland
Session 3B:
Large Scale Chair: Dr. Harald Haymerle,
Risk Engineering, Zurich Insurance, Vienna, Austria
Bioprocess Equipment Design Criteria: Process and Operator Protection
Dr. Otto Doblhoff-Dier, Igeneon, Vienna
GMP and Biosafety in Biological (vaccine) Manufacturing
operations : Interfaces and Overlaps
Marc Guillaud,
DVM, Head of Corporate Quality/Biosafety Operations, Merial, Lyon, France
Viral Vaccine Manufacturing Unit Design Jean-Marc Jalby, Project Leader, Aventis Pasteur, Lyon, France 10.00-10.30
Session 3C:
Plants / Insects / Arthropod Vectors
Chair: Esmeralda Prat, Bayer Crop Science, Belgium
Containment of plant pests under Directive 95/44/EC in Great Britain Roger Tuppen, Export Advice and Import Licensing,
Central Science Laboratory, York, UK
Working Biosafely with Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses and Insects in Greenhouses
Dr. Benedictus J.M. Verduin, Laboratory of Virology,
Wageningen University , The Netherlands
Facility and Management Practices for Infected Mosquitos as Vector
of Plasmodium Falciparum
Dr. Kai Matuschewski, Institute for Infection Control, Parasitology,
Heidelberg, Germany
Break 10.30-11.00
Session 4:
Clinical / Hospital Transport and Operations
Chair: Dr. Bradford Kay,
Coordinator Laboratory Capacity Development, WHO/OMS CSR/Lyon Office
Overview of Changes in Transport Regulations
Dr. Nicoletta Previsani, WHO, Geneva
Protecting healthcare workers in the EU - Eucomed action
on eliminating sharps injuries
Albert Scius, European Director Advance Protection Technology,
Becton Dickinson, France
Session 5:
Occupational Health and Laboratory Ergonomics
Chair: Dr. Juergen Mertsching, Medical School Hannover, Germany
Management of Biological Risks in a Pharmaceutical Company:
Interaction between the Occupational Doctor and the Biosafety Officer
Dr. LucBuelens, Glaxo Smithkline Biologicals, Rixensart, Belgium
Laboratory Ergonomics
Dr. Ian Randle, Hu-Tech, UK
Closure by the EBSA president 2003-2004, Dr. Kathrin Bernard 13.00
Lunch 13.00-14.00