About EBSA19 conference - Lille

EBSA19 conference - Lille

Conference programme

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

17:30 - 19:00 Registration, welcome reception and exhibition


Thursday, 21 April 2016

08:00 Registration
08:45 Opening
Uwe Müller-Doblies, EBSA President 2016
09:00 Welcome
Professor Benoît VALLET, General Director of Health at the French Ministry of Social Affairs end Health, member of the National Council on Biosecurity
09:15 Louis Pasteur and the microbiological risk
Keynote - Patrick Berche, Pasteur Institute
09:45 Book presentation
René Courcol, Institut de Microbiologie, Lille
10:00 Coffee break + exhibition

Parallel session 1 Biosafety aspects of gene therapy

10:30 Replication-competent viruses in cancer gene therapy: biosafety considerations
Rob C. Hoeben, Dept. of Molecular Cell Biology, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden , Netherlands - download the presentation
11:00 Environmental Risk Assessment of Replication Competent Viral Vectors Applied in Gene Therapy
Danielle Horst
11:30 Environmental risk assessment for gene and cell therapy products: critical issues for CT and MA applications
Ursula Jenal - download the presentation

Parallel session 2 Working with plants or animals

10:30 EPPO and ensuring plant health in a world without borders
Françoise Petter, EPPO, Paris, France - download the presentation
11:00 Taking stock of the environmental risk assessment of GM plants
Patrick Rüdelsheim, Perseus, Belgium
11:30 Keeping them in or out? Control of aerosols in loose housed versus caged laboratory research animals for HPAI studies - download the presentation
Henriette Schubert
12:00 Lunch + exhibition
13:00 Risk reduction and best energy savings by membrane air filtration technology for biosafety environments
AAF-Lufttechnik - download the presentation
13:00 Biowaste management: several technologies ... just choose the most convenient for your project!
Actini SAS
13:00 Selection criteria
for Effluent Decontamination Systems

13:30 Best Practices in Biosafety and future Threaths by Guy Collyer, sponsored by

BioSAFE Engineering

13:30 Biological Safety Cabinets: Simulation and Quantifying of Airflow Perturbation Caused by Personnel Activities presentation 
Berner International GmbH - download the presentation
14:00 Chris Collins Lecture
WHO biosafety manual revision - concept and consequences
Dr. Kazunobu Kojima, World Heath Organization (WHO)
15:00 Coffee break + exhibition

Session 3 Applied biosafety

15:30 How REACH impacts biosafety practices, Heather Sheeley (UK)
16:00 Validation of high containment facilities to prove biosafety, Evelien Kampert (RIVM, NL) - download the presentation
16:30 Alternatives to heat inactivation – challenges in demonstrating effectivity, Claudia Bagutti - download the presentation
17:00 Annual General Meeting of EBSA
19:30 Conference Dinner


Friday, 22 April 2016

08:30 Coffee
09:00 Joint training for health threats caused by accidental or intentional release of biological agents, Cornelius Bartels (ECDC, SE)

Session 4 Applied biosafety

09:30 Validation of a novel contained aerosol transmission system
Simon Parks
10:00 European Research Infrastructure on Highly-pathogenic Agents  (ERINHA)
Hervé Raoul
10:30 Coffee break + exhibition

Session 5 Break-out discussion groups

  Break-out 1: DIY Bio (discussion)
  1. Niek D'Hondt (ReaGent)
  2. Jonathan Ferooz (DIYBIO)
  Break-out 2: Biosecurity - Personnel screening (discussion)
  1. Guy Collyer
  2. RIVM
  Break-out 3: Availability of disinfectants for biosafe practices (Discussion)
  1. Allen Bennett
  Break-out 4: Risk assessment of cell lines (Tool box)
  1. Otto-Wilhelm Merten (Généthon, France)
  2. Glynn Stacey (UK Stem Cell Bank, UK)
  Break-out 5: Country support strategies for providing joint training for health threats caused by release of biological agents
  1. Cornelius Bartels (ECDC, SE)
  2. Amanda Ozin-Hofsaess (ECDC, SE)
12:30 Lunch + exhibition

Session 6 Debate session Same problem, new name?

13:30 Introduction: Setting the stage
Patrick Rüdelsheim (moderator)

New breeding techniques, Ana Atanassova (Bayer, BE) - download the presentation

14:00 Converting recombinant viruses into genome editing devices
Manuel A.F.V. Gonçalves, Dept. of Molecular Cell Biology, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, Netherlands - download the presentation
14:20 'Risk assessment concerning Synthetic Biology' performed by the European Commission Scientific Committees Prof. Michelle Epstein, Member of EU Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENHIR)
14:40 Dialogue "Setting the stage"

Closing session

15:30 Is Zika virus infection a risk for Europe?  What we know or don’t know.
Herve Zeller, ECDC, Head of Disease Programme Emerging and Vector-borne Diseases - download the presentation
16:00 Closing - Gijsbert van Willigen, EBSA President 2016