Speakers at Pre conference course C. Recombinant virus and viral vectors for research, gene therapy and vaccination: “GMO or not? Safe or not? Manageable or not?

Pre conference course C. Recombinant virus and viral vectors for research, gene therapy and vaccination: “GMO or not? Safe or not? Manageable or not?

About the speakers

  1. Myra Widjojoatmodjo

    Myra Widjojoatmodjo

    Academic Education and Degrees:

    PhD. Faculty of Medicine, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
    MSc. Molecular Sciences, Agricultural University, Wageningen, The Netherlands

    Present Professional Position

    Scientific Director Global Environmental Risk Assessor
    Environmental Product Compliance and Sustainability, Global Sustainability, Janssen R&D (since 2019)

    Currently responsible for the Environmental Risk Assessments of Janssen R&D product portfolio: chemicals (API SM) and biologicals, including genetic modified organisms [GMO]s) for Marketing Authorization and clinical trials

  2. Ursula Jenal

    Ursula Jenal

    Working address:

    Jenal & Partners Biosafety Consulting,
    Magdenerstrasse 1
    4310 Rheinfelden

    Tel:+41 61 723 28 58

    Academic Education and Degrees

    PhD in Microbiology from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH, Zürich,
    Post Doc in Environmental Engineering and Sciences at Stanford University

    Present Professional Position

    Since 2001, executive manager of Jenal & Partners Biosafety Consulting advising in-dustry, academia and authorities on an international level on all issues related to bi-osafety and biosecurity: risk assessment of contained use activities; risk assessment of nano-bio-materials; environmental risk assessment for gene and cell therapy and re-combinant vaccine clinical trials and market authorisation applications; guidelines on safe use of cell cultures, plant pathogens, transport, waste treatment; biorisk manage-ment systems, crisis management, biorisk management audits, ISO140001 audits, bi-osafety training, safe procedure design, project management. She has been involved in capacity building projects in South East Asia.

    Special Remarks

    1996-2000 senior scientist at the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment acting as co-author of the Swiss Biotechnology Regulations harmonised with the corresponding EU directives.
    Member of EBSA since 2001, acting as secretary for 4 years, member of the Educa-tion and Training Working Group until 2018 and representing EBSA at the Biological and Toxins Weapons Convention meetings.
    Member of the certification body of IFBA representing EBSA 2016 – 2020.
    Co-chair of the CEN workshop process to develop the CWA16335 on BioSafety Pro-fessional (BSP) competence, and project leader for the development of ISO Technical Specification TS5441 Competence Requirement for Biorisk Management Advisors to be published in February 2023.


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