About Pre conference course G. (Bio)containment of GM plants - from Green Houses to Field Trials (1 ½ day, afternoon 17.05, 18.05)

Pre conference course G. (Bio)containment of GM plants - from Green Houses to Field Trials (1 ½ day, afternoon 17.05, 18.05)


Delphine Beeckman and René Custers


This 1.5 day course aims at providing researchers, biosafety professionals, regulatory compliance personnel and facility managers a practical insight into the assessment of risk, design, operation and management of activities with GM plants in greenhouses (contained use) and during field trials (deliberate release).

The learning objectives are:

  • To be able to identify and understand the biohazards and risks associated with handling GM plants which are not yet approved for cultivation purposes.
  • To understand the factors that should be considered when designing and/or assessing experiments with GM plants, both in closed environments and during field trials.
  • To generate a practical view on the operation and management of such experiments, including the management of waste, security and incidents.

A visit to a plant growth facility and a GM field trial is included in the course to demonstrate structural and operational measures aimed at maintaining containment.

Topics that will be addressed during the course include:

  • Regulatory framework – cfr. Biosafety and biosecurity laws, regulations, standards and guidelines, conventions and codes of conduc
  • Risk assessment of the plant materials and the activities – cfr. Biorisk assessment and management; Biorisk management programme
  • Greenhouse operations – Cfr. Facility design; Containment principles
  • Field Trial Protocol, incl. monitoring – Cfr. Biorisk management programme
  • General considerations on management of waste, security and incidents – cfr. Biological waste management; Emergency preparedness and response

Bullet points

  • How to contain plants (lab and field)
  • Biological containment
  • Field trials between lab and market
  • How to protect the environment from a field trial
  • How to protect the field trial from….
  • Field trials worldwide, different developments and approaches.
  • Specific information on field trials to be visited
  • Field trial visit (poplar and corn)

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the trainee knows

  • Plant containment measures
  • Field trial containment measures
  • Methods for biological containment
  • How to protect a field trial itself against …

CWA 16335:2011, annex C reference

  • C International regulatory framework, standards, guidelines and conventions
  • C 2.2.4 Working with plants
  • C General Principles of environmental safety


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