About Demystifying ABS, Nagoya Protocol and the EU ABS Regulation – what you need to know when importing and using genetic resources.

Demystifying ABS, Nagoya Protocol and the EU ABS Regulation – what you need to know when importing and using genetic resources.

A 2,5 hour online course (including a break and question session)

Instructor: Dominic Muyldermans

Description: The principles of Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) were first recognised under the Convention on Biological Diversity, refined in the Nagoya Protocol and are further implemented in national ABS laws. In EU an additional compliance regulation applies.

Under ABS rules access to and use of genetic resources might be subject to a permit imposing conditions and a benefit sharing agreement. Since ABS rules apply to a wide variety of genetic material, including plants, animals and micro-organisms, it is important for those who are involved in importing or accessing such genetic material to be aware of the ABS rules and potential ABS obligations to safeguard the integrity of the R&D pipelines of their institutions.

This course gives you an overview of the concepts and rules under the relevant international, national and EU legal ABS frameworks, by explaining the relevant scope and potential ABS obligations. The course furthermore provides you with recommendations on how to manage ABS compliance when your institution accesses and uses genetic resources (e.g. animals, plants, microorganisms) and/or access and uses associated traditional knowledge.

Audience: Biosafety professionals involved in importing and accessing genetic material.

Learning objectives:

  • Gaining an understanding of ABS frameworks, including the Nagoya Protocol, national ABS laws and the EU ABS Regulation
  • Getting a good understanding of the key concepts of ABS
  • Obtaining an understanding of the scope of ABS frameworks
  • Getting an overview of possible ABS obligations, including permits and benefit sharing agreements
  • Receiving an update on relevant policy developments, i.a. digital sequence information (DSI)
  • Gaining an understanding of mechanisms and processes to manage ABS compliance when accessing genetic material

CWA: C. International regulatory framework, standards, guidelines and conventions


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