Past EBSA courses

  1. 02 April 2019

    EBSA22 - Course I - Parasites - the hidden and the open - enabling biosafety and effective risk control

    A one day course on human and other parasites, special hazards and risk assessment.

    Intermediate level

  2. 02 April 2019

    EBSA22 - Course H - Incidents and Laboratory Acquired Infections - improving the odds

    This one day course focusses on the hazard in laboratories. Based on examples in the past prevention strategies will be discussed.

    Basic - Intermediate level

  3. 02 April 2019

    EBSA22 - Course E- Virology - From Library to Lab

    This course provides an enjoyable introduction to virology. 

    Basic level

  4. 02 April 2019

    EBSA22 - Course C - Aerosols - an invisible risk: Where are they and how can we prevent exposure?

    This is a one day course about the specifics of aerosols.

    Intermediate - advanced level

  5. 18 April 2018

    EBSA21 - Course N - Allergies and toxins from animals, plants and microorganisms-think outside of the box

    Handling biological materials in research and development, as transporting them has implications on several levels. While the hazardous situation is not always obvious, potential consequences can be very serious. 

  6. 18 April 2018

    EBSA21 - Course M - Large scale GMP and containment, do disposables fit in?

    Manufacturing protocols have particular focus on good manufacturing practices (GMP) aiming at product safety. Biosafety professionals need to understand the differences and how to communicate with GMP professionals about biosafety and biosafety measures. 

  7. 18 April 2018

    EBSA21 - Course L - Sharing experiences on the implementation of a biorisk management programme

    Breaches of biosafety and biosecurity have emphasised that management failure is normally the root cause of accidents and incidents with biological agents and toxins. 

  8. 18 April 2018

    EBSA21 - Course K - Behaviour-based (bio)safety

    This course intends to inspire you. To convince you that safety not only pays (for you and the company), but also is fun and moreover a serious profession. A profession that involves many areas of knowledge and a multitude of skills, amongst others those dealing with human behaviour.

  9. 18 April 2018

    EBSA21 - Course E - Developing PPE donning and doffing protocols for BSL3 (practical)

    This is an introductory course for those interested in the selection and use of personal protective equipment when applied to protection of workers in the Microbiological biosafety level 3 context.