Past EBSA courses

  1. 27 March 2007

    EBSA10 - Course B. Biosafety audits and inspections - A basic course

    This seminar is intended to provide a basic course on auditing management systems and monitoring safety performance in connection with activities involving biohazards. In addition to setting out the general framework for the audit process, and contrasting this with safety inspections, a number of scenarios will be presented to illustrate some of the difficulties which may be encountered, along with approaches to circumvent these. Points to consider when planning and conducting an audit will be presented together with useful hints based on the auditing experience of the tutors. Based on a case study, audit preparation and strategy as well as communication will be practised in group work and role playing.

  2. 27 March 2007

    EBSA10 - Course A. Export, import and transport of biological materials, including GMOs, from a practitioners point of view

    Import, export and transport requirements focusing mainly on the movement of biological materials between Europe and the US. This is a complex area which often touches several competent authorities. Although there will be some presentations by experienced people in the field, the learning experience will be centered on the discussion of your problems and questions. Bring them to the course and share them with others!