About EBSA22 - Course N - Biosafetyofficer - from basic to experts in one day

EBSA22 - Course N - Biosafetyofficer - from basic to experts in one day

Instructors: Ursula Jenal & Arie Voordouw


This course is intended for those starting in the field of biosafety and biosecurity, i.e. with less than two years’ experience. More experienced biosafety officers should not attend. It covers what you need to know about biosafety and biorisk management and where to find essential information. Course topics are:

  • This course is meant for novices in biosafety
  • What is biosafety?
  • What topics need to be addressed as a Biosafety Officer?
  • Tasks
  • Who are the players in the field?
  • Where to find the most important information?

Citation of the respective sections of CWA 16335:2011 Biosafety professional competence

The course presents the general importance and essential principles of section

  • 7.2. and Annex C.2.1.2 on general principles of biosafety and biosecurity,
  • 7.2.3 and C., biological and other hazards in the work area,
  • 7.2.4. and C. occupational health,
  • 7.2.5 and . human factors,
  • 7.2.6 and C2.1.2.4 containment principles,
  • 7.2.7 and C2.1.2.5 biorisk assessment and management,
  • 7.2.11 and C. good microbiological techniques,
  • 7.2.12 and C. personal protective equipment,
  • 7.2.13 and C. infection control, disinfection, decontamination, and sterilization,
  • 7.2.14 and C. biological waste management,
  • 7.2.15 and C. emergency preparedness and response.