About EBSA22 - Course E- Virology - From Library to Lab

EBSA22 - Course E- Virology - From Library to Lab

Instructors: Christopher Logue & Gijsbert van Willigen

This course provides an enjoyable introduction to virology. 

Starting with basic definitions it builds knowledge right the way through to being able to identify the decontamination approaches best suited to dealing with a specific virus and related lab work. This is a very interactive course with many group exercises in problem solving.
Topics covered include:

  • Virus Composition
  • Virus Taxonomy & Types of infection
  • Virus Pathogenesis 
  • Virus Transmission
  • Virus methodologies in a laboratory setting
  • Virus hazard groups and Containment levels 
  • Risks and Hazards of working with viruses
  • Disinfection of virus-infected material

Citation of the respective sections of CWA 16335:2011 Biosafety professional competence

  • C2.1.1.1 General principle of microbiology
  • C Biological hazards in the work area