About EBSA21 - Course E - Developing PPE donning and doffing protocols for BSL3 (practical)

EBSA21 - Course E - Developing PPE donning and doffing protocols for BSL3 (practical)

Jane Shallcross and Ant Crook

Course description

This is an introductory course for those interested in the selection and use of personal protective equipment when applied to protection of workers in the Microbiological biosafety level 3 context. PPE will be described in relation to protection against routes of entry of pathogens and pros and cons of different types of PPE will be demonstrated and discussed.

We will practically examine how the PPE can be worn in combination, stored and decontaminated.

The selection of PPE for different types of BSL3 will be discussed and protocols for donning and doffing will be investigated using UV tracer dyes.

The instructors will bring examples of PPE with them, but please bring photos or information about any PPE you are thinking of using or have questions about.

Target audience
Biosafety advisors or laboratory managers deciding on PPE solutions for BSL3 laboratories who do not have any experience in this field or minimal experience.

Learning objectives

  1. Define the role of PPE, its limitations and benefits
  2. Recall potential routes of infection appropriate to a BSL3 laboratory and select from a range appropriate PPE to protect each route
  3.  Apply your knowledge about PPE to test donning and doffing methods for PPE

Main topics

  • PPE Fundamentals
  • Selection of PPE for different routes of infection
  • Testing donning and doffing methods for PPE

Citation of the respective sections of CWA 16335:2011 Biosafety professional competence

This course will cover aspects of CWA 16335 relevant to the BSL3 lab context, more specifically C.;
Personal protective equipment (PPE), PPE fundamentals; Clothing
Gloves (lab, hot/cold, disinfectants); Face and eye protection; Respiratory protection (types, maintenance, training); Shoes and boots