About EBSA21 - Course D - Emergency preparedness in a BSL3 (scenarios)

EBSA21 - Course D - Emergency preparedness in a BSL3 (scenarios)

Jane Shallcross and Ant Crook
Course description

This is intermediate course is designed for those who are involved in writing plans for responding to emergencies involving BSL3 laboratories

Different types of emergencies that can be anticipated will be discussed – examining prevention, initial response, decontamination, return to normal and lessons learned.

This course will be interactive, and the role and limitations of a decontamination team will be discussed.

Target audience
People managing BSL3 laboratories or writing emergency plans for BSL3

Learning objectives

  1. Define a range of emergencies relevant to a BSL3 laboratory
  2. Apply your knowledge to initiate prevention, response and investigation strategies

Main topics

Prevention, response and Investigation of adverse events at BSL3

Citation of the respective sections of CWA 16335:2011 Biosafety professional competence

Objectives: The participant should be able to propose an emergency preparedness and response plan for a given situation. The participant should also be able to identify targets and weakness of a given facility, the resulting potential threats and how to mitigate them C.  Incident  and accident investigation
Incident and accident fact collection, analysis and evaluation;
Record keeping, report writing and reporting;
Identify effective corrective actions