Speakers at Pre conference course B. An introduction course on biosafety (for a beginner level, WHO the LBM)

Pre conference course B. An introduction course on biosafety (for a beginner level, WHO the LBM)

About the speakers

  1. Daniel Kümin

    Daniel Kümin

    Academic Education and Degrees

    PhD in Molecular Biology

    Present Professional Position

    Senior Trainer and Bioprocess Safety Manager
    Co-Head of the Lonza Training Center

    Dr. Daniel Kümin obtained his PhD in Molecular Biology from the Humboldt University Berlin, Germany, whilst working for a Biotech start-up developing viral vectors for gene therapy and vaccines. Following his academic career he has worked as a biosafety professional designing, constructing, commissioning, operating and refurbishing high-and maximum-containment laboratories. Recently, he has joined Lonza, a world-lead-ing CDMO, training operators for the manufacturing floor.

    He is the founder and principal trainer / consultant of Rock Hard Biosafety, a company providing training and consultancy services in biosafety, pharmaceutical manufactur-ing, design and operation of high- and maximum-containment laboratories as well as transferring knowledge and know-how of said areas to more common applications (e.g. disinfection in public transport) with a number of national and international projects.

    He currently serves as the President of the Swiss Biosafety Network SBNet.

  2. Kathrin Summermatter

    Kathrin Summermatter

    Curriculum Vitae
    Title (Prof., Dr. etc.): Dr.rer.nat.

    Working address:
    Institute for Infectious Diseases
    University of Bern
    Friedbühlstrasse 51
    3001 Bern
    Tel: +41 31 632 87 90

    Email: katharina.summermatter@ifik.unibe.ch

    Academic Education and Degrees
    PhD in Biology

    Present Professional Position:
    Head of Biosafety Center

    Special Remarks (if you like to make any, e.g.main field(s) of activity)
    The Institute for Infectious Diseases of the University of Bern combines diagnostics, teaching and research under one roof and covers the entire spectrum of microbiologi-cal diagnostics.
    Kathrin Summermatter is heading the Biosafety Center at the Institute for Infectious Diseases. She has been involved in Biosafety for more than 20 years. From 2002 -2019 she was the head of the biosafety department and the deputy director of the Insti-tute of Virology and Immunology (IVI), the Swiss reference lab for highly infectious ani-mal diseases (Biosafety Level 3Ag Laboratory). In addition, she was the coordinator of BIOSAFETY-Europe. She has been a long-standing member of the European Bi-osafety Association (EBSA) and the American Biosafety Association (ABSA). In 2003/2004 she was the president of EBSA. She is the acting chair of the International Veterinary Biosafety Workgroup and a board member of the Swiss Biosafety Network (SBNet).
    Along providing expertise and consultative services to both private companies and government and university institutions on matters of biosafety and biosecurity, contain-ment issues and safe operating procedures, she has given many lectures and taught courses to national and international audiences.


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