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  • Oral presentations
    We have 30 minutes slots available in all sessions:
    • (Novel) Approaches in BioRisk Assessments
    • Implementing Biosecurity
    • Evidence-based Biosafety / Applied Biosafety
    • New Technological Advances & Biosafety Aspects

  • Submission Deadlines
    • 22 January 2024
      •  oral presentation
  • Session 1 (Novel) Approaches in BioRisk Assessments
    The 4th edition of the WHO LBM recommends a greater reliance on risk assessment in biosafety based on evidence. In this session examples of novel approaches to risk assessment will be described for a range of scientific activities
  • Session 3 Implementing Biosecurity
    How are organisations conducting R&D in bioscience addressing Dual Use and Biosecurity in their management systems.
    A lot of policies have been published by funders and governments about the needs to actively manage potential Dual Use issues or Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC). How are organisations setting up their DURC/Dual Use Oversight Programs? EBSA is inviting practitioners to share their experience in the field of managing dual use in their organisations.
  • Session 4 Evidence-based Biosafety / Applied Biosafety
    In some cases, biorisk management is based on outdated research, risk aversion, or ad hoc protocols that lack a sufficient evidence base to support it. There is a need for evidence-based laboratory management practices, guidance and regulations to ensure that biorisk management is both proportionate to the risks and effective to lower the risk to acceptable levels. In addition, it also helps in raising the public's confidence in the many laboratory activities carried out throughout the globe in labs and other research institutes.
  • Session 5 New Technological Advances & Biosafety aspects
    In this session we will focus on biosafety aspects of New Technological Advances. We are inviting abstracts ranging from new genomic techniques, gene drives, bioremediation, or soil microbe mining, over therapy- and vaccine development for emerging diseases, to the development of peptide bioregulators or the use of innovative pieces of equipment for managing samples fully automatically, just to name a few. Contributions should address those biorisk aspects that go beyond the typical handling of biotechnology or pathogenic materials as well as the specific measures put in place to tackle them.

We are inviting abstracts around this topics.
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