About EBSA14 - Course D. Management of BSL3 containment facilities

EBSA14 - Course D. Management of BSL3 containment facilities

Philippe Stroot, Xibios Biosafety Consulting, Tournai/B
Delphine Beeckman, BayerBioScience N.V., Gent/B

Short description:
This full day course aims at providing research workers, biosafety professionals and facility managers with practical views on how to operate and manage a BSL3 facility in a safe and sustainable way.
As all BSL3 facilities do not host the same type of activities and are not necessarily designed in a similar way, the link between the type of operations, the infrastructure and the handling and managing practices will be the thread of this workshop. The importance of setting up fully adapted working practices and maintenance programmes will be emphasized.
The workshop will be led by two professionals gathering the experience of working in BSL3 laboratories, managing different types of BSL3 facilities and developing and running biosafety programmes in various types of institutions. Part of it will be devoted to looking at specific case studies, including issues submitted by the attendees.