We still have 6 EBSA courses planned starting in August 2021
EBSA upcoming online courses 2021

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In 2021 we still have 6 online EBSA courses planned that might be of interest to you, your colleagues or persons in your network. Please find the whole list below.

Check out all details on our website and share this information with your peers.

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19-08-2021 Disinfection and Sterilization

This course is an introduction to the subject. It describes the most commonly used chemical and physical methods, with an emphasis on the important criteria to be assessed in choosing an approach and verifying its effectiveness.

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30-09-2021 Bloodborne pathogens in the lab: minimize exposure & prevent infection

This course will provide an overview on the main aspects of working safely with blood and blood containing materials in various types of laboratories (diagnostic, research, etc.).

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14-10-2021 Biosafety Culture

This course intends to inspire you. To convince you that safety not only pays (for you and the company), but also is fun and moreover a serious profession. 

A profession that involves many areas of knowledge and a multitude of skills, amongst others those dealing with human behaviour.

The course will get you thinking about how to convince and motivate others. Co-workers but also, not in the last place, the management. Not just words and rulings, but setting the example is of utmost importance.

It’s about how to influence behaviour, when to apply punishment or reward, how to make the safe way the most attractive and apart from preventing accidents, also to learn from near misses and get to the root causes.

Cathy is a biosafety professional and Jan-Piet is a former inspector. Roles that are not conflicting but rather support each other. Together with you we hope to further explore this difficult subject of human behaviour in relation to biosafety.

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04-11-2021 Epidemiology - what is it and what do these numbers really mean?

The COVID-19 pandemic increased the public’s familiarity with the word ‘epidemiology’ to a unparalleled during previous public health events. 

Epidemiology is one of the scientific disciplines of public health with sound methods of scientific inquiry at its foundation. It is essential to the fight against any disease. Its central paradigm is that analysis of population patterns of disease, particularly by linking these to exposure variables (risk factors), provides understanding of their causes. Epidemiology is useful in other ways, including preventing and controlling disease in populations and guiding health and health-care policy and planning.

This webinar gives an introduction into the large toolbox of epidemiological data, methods and approaches to disease investigations.

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18-11-2021 Personal Protective Equipment

This course will both give a theoretical overview of the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in BSL2 and BSL3 laboratories and also the instructors practical experience with different sorts of PPE.

The course will focus on why (risk assessment), how and when to choose adequate PPE (gloves, safety glasses, lab coats, respiratory protection, etc.) for different purposes. We will also go through the importance and how to perform fit-testing of respirators.

The course will also cover experiences from the Covid-19 pandemic and how to deal with shortage of ordinary PPE used.

After this course the participants will have knowledge about why, when and how to use PPE – “using the right PPE in the right way and the right situation”.
This course is particularly suitable for laboratory managers, biosafety professionals etc, responsible for supervision and for safety standards and training of personnel. Previous experience is not required.

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02-12-2021 Blended learning

This course will give you an introductory experience with application of current digital educational technologies like production and use of power point-based videos, planning and execution of webinars, and the use of an Learning Management System in your teaching

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