BBP online webinar

BBP online webinar 'BBP behind the scenes: Task Forces and working groups’ - 2 September 2021

The Sars-CoV2 pandemic made it impossible to organize physical meetings, however BBP never stopped working.

During this morning webinar we want to give BBP and EBSA members an opportunity to get a “view behind the scenes” of our organization.

We will take the opportunity to highlight the recent accomplishments and future plans of the BBP Task Forces and Working Groups as well as BBPs involvement in EBSA. The ideal opportunity to find out what BBP has done and hopes to do for you in the future to support you as a biosafety professional. Moreover, you may be challenged to join in one of the Task Forces or Working Groups yourself!

The programme


  • Liquid and solid waste , by Delphine Beeckman (BASF) and Pascale Van Rooij (Perseus)

  • BBP Guidance on Movement , by Karen van der Meulen (Perseus)

10h20-10h30 Break


  • Task Force Biocides by Karen van der Meulen (Perseus) , Evi Pockelé (Institute of Tropical Medicine) and Liesbet De Graef (Institute of Tropical Medicine)

  • Task Force High Containment, by Elisabeth Heylen (REGA Institute-KUL) and Mario Vaerewijck (UGent)

  • Task Force Risk Assessment by Evi Pockelé (Institute of Tropical Medicine)


  • EBSA Task Force Animal By-Products, by René Custers (VIB)

  • EBSA Educational  and Training Working Group, by Suzanne Loret (University Namur)

  • Closure
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