EBSA course 11-05-2021

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ISO 35001 – An introduction into the biorisk management standard

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"ISO 35001 – An introduction into the biorisk management standard"

on 11 May 2021 from 9.30 - 12.30 CET

Instructor: Toon De Kesel
Moderator: Heather Sheeley

Main Topics

  • Identify the fundamentals of a biorisk management system
  • Understand the scope and intend of the ISO 35001 standard
  • Understand the requirements, covering e.g. key roles and responsibilities, biorisk assessment, good microbiological techniques, healthcare, personal protection, emergency planning, biosecurity
  • Initiate or improve the implementation of the standard for their organisation

CWA Reference
The learning objectives are in line with CWA 16335:2011 on the Biosafety Professional, specifically with the CWA clause 7.2.17., “The biosafety professional shall be able to develop and support the implementation of a biorisk management programme and understand how the elements (e.g. physical, personal and informational biosecurity measures) in such a programme are interrelated so as to achieve the objectives of the programme. The biosafety professional shall be able to understand and apply the core principles and practices associated with a management system approach that incorporates continual improvement and be able to communicate them.”

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