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2020 and 2021 conferences and courses

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As you are aware, the Covid-19 pandemic forced Council to first postpone twice the annual EBSA conference and courses due to be held in 2020 in Luxembourg and, ultimately, to definitively cancel the meeting. Despite the cancellation, the EBSA working groups CPWG and ETWG, as well as the Luxembourg Local Organising Committee, worked extremely hard for the conference to happen and, besides the significant work they did in organizing the infrastructure, the high valued presentations, the organization of the preconference courses and invitation of instructors, also had to manage the uncertainty of the whole situation. When the conference was finally cancelled, they did not hang down their heads but instead immediately started to set up the webinars and online courses taking place in fall 2020. EBSA would not exist if it could not rely on this outstanding engagement of the working groups and their members. Council would like to thank heartily this work and the devoted members of CPWG and ETWG, and the Luxembourg LOC.

EBSA Program 2021

Our free events

The EBSA 2021 program started succesfully with over 125 attendees registered for the first EBSA Thursday on March 4th and the online BBP event on March 25th.

The next EBSA Thursdays are planned on April 29, June 17, September 16 and December 16.

29 April 13:00 CET - EBSA Thursday "Risk assessments – One size does not fit all"

with Ursula Jenal and Toon De Kesel

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Our courses (with reduced fees for members)

We have 11 online courses in 2021 of which one is also available in French.

On popular demand we will have ar re-run of 2 courses we had in 2020:

21 April 09:30 CET - Biological Risk Assessment – How safe are we in our labs if we apply the risk based approach according to the new WHO Biosafety Manual?
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11 May 09:30 CET - ISO 35001 – An introduction into the biorisk management standard
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New courses:

22 April 09:30 CET - Désinfection - Décontamination - Stérilisation du matériel biologique: Notions de bases (French)

This course is also availabe lin English on August 19th.

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20 May 09:30 CET - Gene Drives: Technologies, applications & biosafety challenges
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3 June 09:30 CET - Introduction to vaccinology
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1 July 09:30 CET - Auditing for maximum impact – an introduction
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19 August 09:30 CET - Disinfection and Sterilization
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30 September 09:30 CET - Bloodborne viruses and pathogens
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14 October 09:30 CET - Biosafety Culture
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4 November 09:30 CET - Epidemiology - what is it and what do these numbers really mean?
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18 November 09:30 CET - Personal Protective Equipment
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2 December 09:30 CET - Blended learning
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