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EBSA Conference 2022 update

Preconference courses on May 17-18, 2022 in Ghent Belgium

  • Course A. Auditing: a comprehensive and practical introduction (2 days) - Only 2 seats left
  • Course B. Fundamentals for (re)design of a safe and compliant BSL3 facility (2 days) - Only 2 seats left
  • Course C. Working Safely in the Biosafety Cabinet (½ day)
  • Course D. Personal protective equipment (PPE) - making optimal choices(1day)
  • Course E. How to convince and influence for biosafety and security (1 day) - Only 5 seats left
  • Course F. Biorisk assessment and management: basic principles and how to get it right (1 day)- Only 5 seats left
  • Course G. (Bio)containment of GM plants - from Green Houses to Field Trials (1 ½ days)
  • Course H. Waste handling (validation, technical aspects) (1 ½ day)
  • Course I. Moving on without leaving a trace - decommissioning in practice (1 day)

COnference on May 19-20, 2022 in Ghent Belgium

The next pitch for the EBSA conference is available!
Check it out, share it with your peers and join us in Ghent
from May 17th until May 20th !


Click on the picture to watch the video pitch for "Experiences and challenges with GMO based medicines for global multi-country clinical trials- a pharmaceutical perspective" by Myra Widjojoatmodjo on Friday May 20th.

All pitch videos will be posted in the conference schedule.

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