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Session 1 Outbreak Response

In this session we will address the topic of outbreak response in relation to how practices have changed following the COVID pandemic and recent monkeypox outbreaks. What have we learned and implemented as changes in the approaches and responses to manage outbreaks? We are inviting abstracts focussing on the the changes in lab practices when performing research with or handling diagnostic samples from diseases at the verge of outbreak.

Session 3 BioRisk Management of Arthropods activities

We are soliciting for contributions covering biorisk management of arthropod activities in their relation to human, animal and plant health. Possible topics include the handling of arthropods in labs or greenhouses for experimental purposes, benefits and risks of using arthropods for biological control (e.g. spreading of GM pollen or diseases), new invasive species which could be vectors for animal and human diseases etc.

Break-out Plant quarantine organism activities

We are inviting abstracts around this topics.
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