EBSA 2023 - sponsored participant program

EBSA 2023 conference in Athens sponsored program

EBSA has 5 sponsored tickets available for biosafety professionals based in Greece.

These are the conditions to apply for such a ticket:

  • You are working in the field of Biosafety
  • You are at the start of your carreer in biosafety (maximum 5 years experience)
  • When more than 5 persons apply EBSA council will select the 5 winners based on the motivation given by the applicants.
  • You are willing to pay 200 euro when selected

What do you get in return

  • A 4 year full EBSA membership (from 18-04-2023 until 18-04-2027) [value 140 euro]
  • Access to the conference on April 20 and 21 in Athens Greece [value 605 euro]
  • A unique chance to hear over 25 speakers on various Biosafety topics
  • Follow 2 break-out sessions out of 5 biosafety topics
  • You can network with over 300 biosafety professionals joining the conference
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You can also enter our poster presentation program to further the support of your application.